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Sorry about the vagueness regarding Boleslav's restoration in 1003. The few sources I have don't agree about who restored him. I get the impression that Boleslav was restored by the Poles in 1003, but later that year Boleslaw the Brave turned against him in a blatant bid to add Bohemia to his growing empire. On the other hand this is still conjecture and I don't want to present it as historical fact.


I hate to be a pedant (actually that's a lie. I love to be a pedant) but I dont know any Slavic language which uses 'Boleslaus' as a name. I accept general anglicisation such as 'Karl' to 'Charles' etc, but the version I use in this case helps to distinguish the Czech Boleslav from the Polish Boleslaw (same pronunciation, but helps the reader). I'll contribute the main articles to this area until someone does better, but while we wait it would help me if the encyclopaedia was consistent here. Give us a hand (sic - fellow pedants).


Name Discussion[edit]

Anyone have any opinions on what the proper naming conventions for Boleslav I, Boleslav II, and Boleslav III should be? The Naming Conventions Project indicates that the most commonly recognized English-language form of the name should be used- this would presumably be the Latin Boleslaus. It was suggested at Guidelines for the spelling of names of Polish rulers that pre-royal names should be local in name while royal names should be English/Latin in name, but I do not know if that was ever accepted.

I personally prefer "Boleslaus III the Red (Czech: Boleslav III. Ryšavý)" with the article name Boleslaus III of Bohemia, but want to see what other people think before I propose a move. Olessi 21:27, 20 September 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]