Haouch Khemisti massacre

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Haouch Khemisti massacre
Part of Algerian Civil War
LocationNear Bougara, Algeria
Date22 April 1997
Deaths93 villagers

The Haouch Khemisti massacre took place before dawn on April 22, 1997, in the Algerian village of Haouch Mokhfi Khemisti, some 25 km south of Algiers near Bougara. An armed group killed 93 villagers in a 3 hour long attack because they refused to "collaborate", since armed groups depended on the aid of citizens who provide food, money and other necessities for their survival.[1] The bodies were found decapitated.[2] A member of the family who arrived in Algiers said "We have no more to give. They've already taken everything."[1] It was followed the next day by the Omaria massacre near Médéa.

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