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I've been a contributing member of the Wikipedia community since November 2004. I work in the Healthcare Computers industry as a Unix System administrator, in the Detroit, Michigan area. I am a Christian, married, geek, with two children. According to the Keirsey temperments, I am an inspector or in MBTI terminology I am an ISTJ. Gbeeker (talk) -- Oct. 2011

My Family

My wife's name is Kay. She is a part-time bookkeeper and executive assistant for a business owner in Birmingham Michigan. My kids are Reese and Alyssa. Reese loves playing soccer, basketball, football, and Black Ops and Minecraft on Xbox. Alyssa is into texting, facebook, dancing, and Skype.

My mom and dad are retired and living in Houghton Lake, Michigan. My sister Trixi is the proud mom of her son Phoenix. A master's student at Michigan State University she is also adjunct biology professor at LCC teaching environmental science.

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My editing philosophy — leave the world in a better place than when you found it.

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My other Wikipedia account is Unixguy.