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I'm a long-term contributor to Wikipedia, and match most (but not all) of the "ten attributes of the average editor". Zigger is a pseudonym that I restrict to Wikipedia and related matters, and I value the privacy that this provides.

My username and range of contributions reflect the fact the I have wide-ranging interests, am regularly prepared to work on random topics, and am subject to frequent (and mostly welcome) external interruptions.

Although my contributions often focus on one of many areas of maintenance for a while, feel free to contact me about other matters. But please note that the mailbox linked to this account is rarely checked and is mostly used to archive various related mailing lists.

Pages to which I made long-ago primary/founding contributions include: Fundamental Laws of England, List of invasions, War pigeon, Categorisation FAQ and Wiki-on-a-stick (now on

To assist other wikis, I've been an administrator (ngā kaiwhakahaere) on the Māori Wikipedia and an administrator (אדמיניסטראטור) on the ייִדיש Wikipedia. I've also made (very) minor and ancient “contributions” to the MediaWiki software project.


Small craft advisory. (Low to moderate level of vandalism)

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